About Me

“If you weren’t afraid, what would you do?”

Rob Hislop, a journalist with over 25 years of broadcasting experience in television (City-tv, CTV & Shaw) and radio (630CHED & INEWS880) asked himself this question and took it to heart. Re-evaluating where his passions lay the decision was made to move his artistic talent in photography from hobby to profession and leave journalism behind.
A naturally outgoing personality leads him to seek out new challenges. When Rob isn’t busy with indoor architectural photography for real estate agents, music portraiture, actor headshots, sports, theatre or corporate photography, he puts the business aspect of photography aside for projects that speak to him. Rob donates his time and skill to various charities and causes, one being a photo exhibit of ex-cons and their struggle to fit back into society.
With photoshop skills Rob can morph a photograph into something totally unexpected when requested. Rob brings his skills to you and travels (by car, plane, quad or buggy) to make sure you get the shots you want.
Whether Rob is risking injury to capture the dust rising as a cowboy falls from a bull, repressing his fear of heights by shooting from a very tiny airplane to take a shot for a political campaign or hobnobbing with dignitaries at a black tie event, he is always fully engaged and committed to get the best results for his clients. His easy-going manner puts his subjects at ease in any environment.